Defining & Humanizing Social Media Management

Defining & Humanizing Social Media Management

“Oh, you’re a social media manager? What an easy job!”

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that, I’d be a millionaire.

To the average person, social media management may seem as simple as posting a cute image or graphic on Facebook or Instagram but it is much more than that. Social media management consists of the strategic and consistent, creation and maintenance of relationships with intangible but invaluable communities.

As Peg Fitzpatrick eloquently once said, “you have to build a connection/relationship first before starting to push your product someone.”

Good social media management consists of quality content that fosters quality relationships. This is where H2H Marketing (Human-to-Human) comes in. Building genuine relationships with your followers can turn a follow into a sale instantly. H2H Marketing help increase brand searches and visibility, customer satisfaction and engagement! All three could bring real sales results to an organization.

In today’s society, social media management is almost critical to every organization. For starters, social media brings in a new and innovative way to reach more people worldwide in real time than other traditional advertising and marketing avenues. New research projects that people will spend more time on the Internet including social media websites than watching traditional television in the next year. With this new research, advertisers are already getting ahead of the curve and are also projected to spend “$40 billion more on internet ads than TV ads” this year.

If you’re not an early adopter, it may be hard to take a creative approach on social media. Don’t fear! Sparking creativity and innovation in social media is easier than ever with the help of Instagram and Twitter “Explore” pages. Both platforms make it easy for users to stay up to date on the latest trends, news and viral stories taking the social media universe by storm! Learning how to keep your content fresh and maintain an intriguing brand persona is also easy with the help of influencer books from Gary Vee and Guy Kawasaki! (See: Crushing It and The Art of Social Media)

While some may think social media is just about creating silly memes, the real ROI lies in the science behind those who manage it. Social media professionals use the science dimension of social media by learning from metrics such as reach, engagement and share-of-voice to determine what type of posts are working and which aren’t. Tweaking your social media plan to produce better results from the driven analytics makes all the difference in social media management. These analytics can be found (for FREE) on platform tools such as Facebook and Instagram Insights.

Social media professionals must combine science and creativity for a successful social media strategy. What good is a gorgeous infographic being posted at a low engagement time on Instagram? In the same way, what good comes a well thought out strategy with no visuals. In the world of social media, creativity is the frosting on top a cake of science. Everything in moderation, right?

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