Ashley Relates – To You and Your Brand

Ashley Relates – To You and Your Brand

With the emergence of social media, many people conflate the notion of a personal brand and only think about it in an online sense, when actually, a personal brand is simply one’s reputation. In order to be seen as a thought leader in your profession or field, people must be aware of what you do, how you do it and why you do it — and an effective personal brand does just that.

Personal branding is no longer an option; it’s a powerful leadership enabler.

The name Ashley Relates came about when I had a lot of my friends and followers on social media ask me about advice from things concerning branding, career building, relationships and life as a whole. I realized that the life I portrayed on social media, was one of substance but honestly, I was just trying to figure it out like the rest of us. With my personal brand, I strive to empower ambitious millennials to unlock their potential, lead confidently and boldly live their truth.

As an urban millennial, I feel like there are quite a few ways I can contribute to my community. For one, I pride myself on being the loyal and reliable friend. Whenever you need me, I’ll be there. In the same way, I’d want my community to know that I am there for them and with them every step of the way in their journey to becoming who they want to be. Whether it be completing med school, landing their first internship or getting out of a toxic relationship, I want to help encourage them to “live their best life.”

Being the reliable friend online, also means being the real friend online. Let’s be honest: millennials don’t care to hear cute anecdotal stories about the path ways to success. They want it real. They want it raw. And most importantly, they want it now. Developing my personal brand’s voice wasn’t easy until I realized that I already had my own voice. I was so concerned about effectively communicating with my community, that I forgot that I am a part of it. I learned that having a successful personal brand is less about how you speak to your community but how you speak with them.

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